Old couch? Or New Project?

This week I have been ‘harvesting’ materials out of an old couch I did not want anymore. It sat too low, it had oversized paisley polished cotton material that was torn and faded- and was basically out of style. Why not just throw it out? Well, it has many pieces in it we can re-use, and the frame is solid maple. Do you know how expensive maple is these days? So we have maple wood, some foam and batting material that is reusable, and metal springs. What should we make out of it? It would be great to use this on a future project on TAG. Send in your ideas as to what we can do with it! For now, back to the David Bradley project……

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The American Garage is a Television show debuting on the web which showcases the American spirit of Ingenuity. Created by 3d Houston and Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. this program takes a look at the spirit in all of us to get out there and get things done.
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