The American Garage Woodworking 1- How to use a Tablesaw

This episode is all about learning to use a tablesaw properly. This is an hour long demonstration, and goes into depth with ripping, crosscutting, adjusting the saw, changing blades, and of course safety. I injected a little humor into the safety part, so I hope it is not too cheesy. Also, for some reason when the camera went on, I called the miter gauge a square. At least I was consistent- and used the wrong term throughout. Bear with me on that. The demonstration includes the making of a puzzle, which helps to learn the cuts. Here are the plans for you to build your own!

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The American Garage is a Television show debuting on the web which showcases the American spirit of Ingenuity. Created by 3d Houston and Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. this program takes a look at the spirit in all of us to get out there and get things done.
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