David Bradley Project- week of Oct. 24

Hello project fans!

This week, I took one good look around the garage, and decided it was time to de-clutter and organize. It is sooooo easy to collect so much stuff that you can’t hardly work. This is going to be an on-going project over the next couple of week, but I got a handle on it and got one section cleaned, organized and made operational. Once the show starts, you will see what I mean in the first couple of episodes. As the DB project continues, you will see the garage get neater and more functional. As for the tractor itself, a second coat of primer went on most of the parts, and I talked with my buddy Dan about showing us how to paint using a paint gun and compressor in a paint shop. We will go out to Tri-Star Aviation to get his wisdom and use his paint shop. If we painted the tractor in the garage, we would need a paint gun, compressor and all the tools that go with those machines. Otherwise, we would have to use spray paint. The problem is that you can’t get custom colors in spray cans. There are other solutions that we will discuss on the show, but since we have a willing friend who has the tools, we will go use his tools. And yes- we will find a way to leave them in better condition then we found them.


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