David Bradley Project- week of Oct. 3, 2011

This week on The American Garage- I will call it TAG for ease of writing from time to time- we are working on some of the metal pieces that are not in great shape, or broken in some way. On the show, I will focus on 3 particular repairs. Two of them I will focus on repairing with Steelaloy and Castaloy, and the third I will use traditional welding to repair. Now, I don’t really know how to weld. I have in the past used a welding torch, but I can’t really set the thing up- and the frustrating part for me is that welding involves carefully melting things together. My experience has been that I just plain melt everything, and I end up with nothing but splatters of metal on the floor. If you want something cut up, then I’m your guy! This is what attracted me to the -aloy products. Using a propane torch, there is really no way I can melt the metal I am working on. It does take a long time to heat up the metal though- especially if it is a big piece. On the show we will explore the -aloy products capabilities and limitations.

For the third repair, we will use actual welding. Our in-house welding expert is a good friend of mine Kino. Kino is a professional welder and is worth his metal for sure. We will get Kino to show us what real welding is all about. Folks, don’t be afraid to ask friends for help, and tap into their expertise. You can’t do EVERYTHING yourself, and friends are often happy to help. But do this- offer them something back- give them your expertise in return, or have their favorite treat ready for them. Make it a positive experience for them and they will be happy to do it again. The same goes for borrowing tools and equipment. Bring it back at the time promised, clean, and if at all possible- in better shape. If you bring a tool or machine back in better shape then you received it, chances are they will be happy to let you borrow it as often as you want. So look for Kino and the -aloy products in the near future. I am off to prepare for the next photo shoot.

Stephen Devine

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    The Bradley Project is very exciting!