The American Garage Episode 8 S01E08


Steve completes the David Bradley project, and takes the tractor our for a spin. In this episode, Steve covers reassembly, shows how to instal decals, and goes through the steps we took to accomplish this project. It has been a great little project, and Steve will use it for gardening and other tasks around the yard. We hope you enjoyed the project, and invite you to stay tuned for the next project. With the completion of this project, Season 1 comes to a close. Join us for Season 2 in the fall- and keep building!

About TheAmericanGarage

The American Garage is a Television show debuting on the web which showcases the American spirit of Ingenuity. Created by 3d Houston and Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. this program takes a look at the spirit in all of us to get out there and get things done.
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  • Jake

    Very nice! I’m currently looking for a DB Tractor as well. And you are right, there doesn’t seem to be many in the Houston area.

    Thanks for the great videos.