A Blast from the Past

Hey projecteers! As we wind down the last 3 episodes of the David Bradley project, I thought I would give you a glimpse of The American Garage before we were The American Garage. Now, just FYI, on the DB project, episodes 7 and 8 are in the can, ready to be served- the holdup is shooting a few needed scenes for episode 6- which I will try to get done this week. If you have been paying attention, then you know that I love to woodwork- and I also love sailing.
So, while I am hard at work on episode 6, I thought you might enjoy hearing about a project I did years ago- the building of a 24 foot Light Schooner. A beautiful sailboat. I built it, sailed it, and sold it to move up the boat chain. We had great fun with it, and in the process made a friend, Tim Fatchen, down under in Australia. Tim is a Light Schooner officinado, and helped with much needed advice. You can learn about Tim and his adventures with his boat, Flying Tadpole, at his website- http://www.ace.net.au/schooner/INDEX.HTM

He also featured an article on my building and sailing adventures of Faith, my Light Schooner which you can read here- http://www.ace.net.au/schooner/sdevine.htm#start
 I was delighted for the write-up Tim did for my project, and I especially enjoyed the cartoon illustrations he put in the article. Thanks Tim, and keep sailing!

So, now it is back to work for me, while you enjoy this project from the past.

About TheAmericanGarage

The American Garage is a Television show debuting on the web which showcases the American spirit of Ingenuity. Created by 3d Houston and Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. this program takes a look at the spirit in all of us to get out there and get things done.
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